We are on holiday from June 22 up to July 14. No orders will be shipped during this period.

Does Essentialistics offer exclusivity to its points of sale?

We offer exclusivity for our physical points of sale if you buy directly from us (so not via a wholesale platform such as Ankorstore or Orderchamp). If you want exclusivity, you are obliged to purchase (part of) the new collection each season (per half year) with a total value of €500 excl. VAT. Depending on the size of the city/village and the number of inhabitants (and if relevant tourists), you will get exclusivity for (a part of) a certain city/village.

Webshops and physical points of sale that you can only visit by appointment (such as beauty salons and hairdressers) are excluded from exclusivity.

If you do not meet the minimum order value for exclusivity for a season, the exclusivity will automatically expire.